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St. James Lutheran Church Records
1847 - 1890's  German Twp., Fulton Co., Ohio Baptism (Tauf)Confirmation Death (Todtem)

(scanned photocopies of the original records)


Charles Keller's History Pages:

Early Schools of Fulton County, Ohio Fayette, Ohio Normal College, Lyons, Ohio History & Photos

St. James Lutheran Church Records
1847 - 1890's  German Twp., Fulton Co., Ohio Baptism (Tauf)Confirmation Death (Todtem)

(scanned photocopies of the original records)


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Websites with Fulton County Genealogies

(The following links will take you to our old website.  If you don't see anything, please scroll down.  Eventually, these links will be incorporated into this website.  Except for the historical data, most of the info is outdated, but there was too much good info on it not to give you access while we are creating this website.  Some of the links no longer work or have been removed.)                                

Fulton County Township Histories

printable pdf file
by Thomas Mikesell

History of Fulton County, Ohio

By George P. Monagon and George M. Liscombe published in 1877

Early Pioneer History of Chesterfield Township


Fulton County Ohio Photos of the Past
(Photos are from the Fulton County Historical Society Museum)

Fulton County Photo Slide Show

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Photos of the Destruction of the 1920 Tornado in Swanton Ohio

Fayette Fire of 1889

Underground Railroad of Northwest Ohio

Abstracts 1890-1899

From Mary Teeter, Lenawee Co. MI GenWeb Coordinator: Abstracts of obituaries, marriages and a few

births from Medina and Seneca Twps., Lenawee Co, MI and

Chesterfield and Gorham Twps., Fulton Co, Ohio 1890-1899.


Two different histories of German Township of Fulton County Ohio found in the local newspapers. 

One was published in 1870 and the other in 1877.  Both contain some interesting reading.

1) German Township history that was published in the
Northwestern Republican Newspaper on February 10, 1870

2) German Township history that was published in the 
Northwestern Republican Newspaper on January 25th, 1877

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