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PERSING, Benjamin

BENJAMIN PERSING, was born in Sussex County New Jersey September 7th 1809, at the age of 10 he moved with his parents into Northumberland County Pennsylvania and worked with his father in a distillery for about 12 years.
He was married to Sarah Ely in the spring of 1833, in 1836 he moved to Marian County Ohio. He brought all he had of these world goods including his wife and 2 children in a one horse wagon and had just money enough to bring him through. He worked on a saw mill and farm for 10 years. In September 1846 he bought in Franklin Township now Fulton County and moved on his farm, (then in the woods) cleared up his farm and put good buildings on it, raised a large and respectable family and lived on it until after the death if his wife in 1872. Since then he has lived with he children, the most part of the time with his son Hamilton until he death which was February 10th 1887. He and his wife joined the Presbyterian Church in Mt. Gillion Marian County in Ohio in 1837, they were among the charter members in the Presbyterian Church in Mill Creek Township Williams County Ohio (but was struck off into Franklin township Fulton County Ohio). Both were working members in the church as long as they lived.
They raised a large and respectable family, Mr. Persing was an honest man very coconscious and although he was parentally raised in a still house he became a very strong temperance man and would not touch tast or handle the vile stuff.
He was a kind husband a kind father and a good neighbor.
FranklinTwp, August 17th 1887, written by James S. Riddle

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