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A Short Biography of John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin was born in Perry County, Pennsylvania December 23, 1812, moved with his parents to Richland County Ohio in 1823.
He married Margaret Cline December 22, 1834 and moved from Richland County to Brady Township, Williams County, Ohio in 1836 at that time there were only three families settled in Brady Township.
At the first election held in Brady Township he was elected Township Clerk, and served as such several years. When Fulton County was formed in 1850 he was struck off into Franklin Township, Fulton County. He was frequently elected in Franklin Township as the trustee and township assessor which offices he always fitted with honor to himself and to the satisfaction of he constituents.
They had their trials and hardships incident to all new country. No roads only as they made them, little or no money only what entered their land and brought them out here. He worked hard to clean up his farm; his house was always the shelter for the traveler and new settlers. He always lent a helping hand to the new settlers, him and his kind wife, had always a kind word and a helping hand for the poor and needy and those in distress. He raised a large and respectable family and all are doing well. He was a kind husband and father, a good neighbor, and no enemies; he was strictly temperant in all things.
He departed this life very suddenly on the 2nd day of May 1887, he got up apparently as well as usual, and he did his chores, ate his breakfast and was dead before noon. He leaves the wife of his youth to morn his loss also 5 sons and 3 daughters, on son killed in the army, a good man has gone.
Franklin August 18th 1887
James S. Riddle

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