Old Newspapers Will be New Again.  


Update: The newspapers should be available by the end of the month!  Check back here often!

The Fulton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society is pleased to announce a new project.

If you are like me, reading your daily newspaper is an important part of your day.   If you are interested in your family’s history, the newspaper can be an even more important source of information.   The Fulton County Chapter, OGS plans to have ten rolls of microfilm which contain the oldest Wauseon newspapers (1868-1886) digitized and made available to read for free online.  

If you haven’t looked at old newspapers, they are so much fun!  You can look up your family and maybe find out that your aunt missed two days of school because she had the measles.  Or you can find out that the dentist in Swanton charged fifty cents for tooth cleaning in 1905.  Or you can read your great, great, great grandfather’s obituary and so much more!  

We are accepting donations towards this project.  It costs $135 per roll for the digitizing.  (This reduced price is only good until Aug 31, 2020)  All donations will be applied to digitizing more rolls of the Wauseon newspapers.   Donations may be sent to Fulton County Chapter, OGS, P.O. Box 337, Swanton, Ohio 43558.

We have funds to do the 10 oldest rolls of Wauseon Papers, but there are 18 more rolls of Wauseon papers in our collection.  Plus 12 rolls of the Fulton County Tribune, 17 rolls of the Metamore record, and 1 roll of the Swanton Enterprise that is not digitized on the Swanton Library site.

The Fulton County Genealogical Society was

founded in 1978, the Fulton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society’s first meeting involved about 20 people.  Meetings were held alternately between the Swanton Public Library and the Senior Citizen Center and YMCA in Wauseon, Ohio.  In 1980, the chapter received its charter from the Ohio Genealogical Society. 


First housed at the Swanton Public Library in Swanton, Ohio, then moved to the Fulton County Historical Society for several years, the chapter’s collection of over 1,300 books and over 200 rolls of microfilm is now located at the Evergreen Community Library, 253 Maple Street, Metamora, Ohio.  The filmed records include newspapers for towns in the county through 1910; birth and death records beginning in 1867; marriage records from 1864 (although the county was formed in 1850, a fire in July 1864 destroyed many early records).  The library holdings include family histories, county histories, obituaries, tombstone inscription books, as well as a wide variety of other Ohio county records.  Research help at the library is available with advance notice by volunteer members


Our very first publication was a reprint of the 1858 Wall Map of Fulton County, printed as twelve township maps showing landowners names; 1888 Atlas of Fulton county; 1903 Atlas of Fulton County; and all of the material on Fulton County in the 1875 Historical Atlas of the World and 496 personal histories.  Our society prepared an index for each of these rare items.  Since then we have published numerous items.  (see the link above to see our current publications list and directions how to buy them.)


With a paid membership and a small additional fee, a member may make an application for First Families of Fulton County with documented proof that their relative lived here before 31 December 1860.   Two other categories have recently been added.  They are as follows: Civil War Families for those members who can show documented proof of their ancestor served in the Civil War; and also the Centennial Families category for those members whose ancestors can be proven to have resided in Fulton County 100 years before the date of application. 


Our chapter currently meets the second Tuesday of each month except July and August, at the Trinity Lutheran Church located at 410 Taylor Street, Delta, Ohio.  These meetings are open to the public and help will be given to anyone desiring to learn about tracing their family history.




2020-2021 Meeting Dates/Programs

Fulton County Genealogical Society meetings are held at 7 pm on the second Tuesday at Trinity Lutheran Church, 410 Taylor St., Delta.  Parking and entry are on the backside of the church.   

 Visitors are welcome. 


Planned Meetings:

January, February, and March 2021 will all be Zoom meetings.  Members will be sent the link before the meeting.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month unless a change is announced in advance. If Delta school is canceled due to severe weather, our meeting is also canceled unless it is a Zoom meeting. (see map)

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